What is Direct Injection?

The slight tick or ticking you hear is the new Direct Injection in the new Acura's.  A while ago, an engineer with extensive racing experience stated that his engines were designed and manufactured to purr and run like a sewing machine, smoothly.  So what the heck is up with this ticking sound?
Nothing to worry about, it is actually a good thing to hear.  As a matter of fact, it's a GREAT thing.  It is the sound or the new Direct Injection technology working it's magic!  Think of it as "the sound of efficiency working".  Back in the eighties, we all became aware of the feature and advantage if electronic fuel injection over carburetors.  Fuel injection progressed for 30 years of design and refinement, with "Direct" now being the most advanced now.  Here is a brief description; 

Direct Injection permits a more exact amount of a fuel vapor.  The cooling that takes place of spraying a mist vapor directly into the combustion chamber of a motor raises the compression ration without blowing up the motor.  A colder air is more dense, for better combustion.  A higher compression ratio exhibits greater power from each individual chamber.  Each combustion cycle, performance is greatly improved without dumping fuel in the engine.  It is more economic, using less fuel, but creating incredible usable power.  One of the chracteristics is that it produces a ticking noise, which is perfectly normal.  It is actually the camshaft spinning, which in turn activates a high pressure pump, which injects a minute amount of fuel, (vapor) into the cylinder chamber.

This is an unfamiliar sound for the client to get used to.  In the past, this ticking sound meant that it was a collapsed lifter, which was something not very good., or a loose valve.  This should be explained to clients, that it is expected and that it is completely normal.  If not explained, this could be very concerning for the client to hear on a new vehicle.
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