Acura Luxury Lease Features and Benefits

Acura Luxury Lease

Features and Benefits:


* Acura Loyalty Advantage:

      - Mileage Forgiveness: Option to have up to

      7,500 excess miles waved-plus an extra

      1,000 miles added to the new base-mileage

      amount-with the signing of a new Acura Luxury Lease.

- Momentum Miles: Option to have up to 15,000

      unused miles rolled over to the next Acura

      Luxury Lease.

* Low up-front costs.

* Turn-in fee waived for loyal clients.

* No purchase-option fee.

* $750 Excessive Wear and Use Waiver included. Loyal clients

      who purchase or lease their next Acura vehicle may qualify

      for an additional waiver.

* Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) included.

* Low-mileage option.

* Option to purchase additional mileage for 10c per mile at

      contract signing time.

* Guaranteed purchase price at lease end.

* Lower affordable monthly payments as opposed to conventional


* Freedom to customize with Acura Genuine Accessories.

* Option to purchase Acura Care Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) Protection

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