The Story of the Acura Logo

The Story of the Acura Logo


Brands are important to luxury automobile buyers.  The symbolism of the Acura logo and badge tells a lot about Acura and the vehicles it produces.  Ask any owner or potential clients, "Are you familiar with the story behind the Acura logo?"


The "A" in the Acura logo is a stylized pair of calipers - a tool used for exacting measurements - and it represents the precision craftsmanship with which Acura vehicles are built and drive.


No one buys a luxury vehicle because they have to.  They buy a luxury vehicle because it offers something special and is, therefore, a meaningful reward for personal achievement.


Acura is the pioneering Japanese luxury brand.  It set the initial standard for other Japanese brands that followed and continues to raise the bar for performance, safety, reliability, and value for the entire luxury market.

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